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Rob Basden Joins Linear Chat

Over the course of time we will all be posting about our particular areas of expertise – with mine being anything that falls under the category of “web technologies” (although there may be a few diversions in there at some points). So keep an eye out for some posts about anything from CSS and HTML through to Adobe Flash and Photoshop (I know, I know its not strictly a “web technology” but its a fantastic piece of software for any web developer to get their head around – even if your focus is primarily on development).

So, once again, welcome to all of you and I hope you all find something useful or interesting here over the course of time (finding anything fun might require a drastic change to your sense of humour or a very deep interest in some very geeky things – but again you never know…).

Rob Basden

Rob founded a web design company company which was acquired by Linear Blue in 2009 in order to bring web development to bring professional web development services in-house. After graduating from Warwick University with a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Rob entered the world of web development. He began by supporting a development team then moved on to running his own team as development director. His skills include extensive knowledge of PHP / HTML / Javascript / CSS / Ajax methodologies and Flash / Actionscript.

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