And it’s live!

Over the last few weeks I’ve often blogged and twittered about the upcoming launch of the new Linear Blue website. Well, it’s now live. As of Wednesday morning we have our new website. We launched on April the first, not for the comedy value, but as it is the ninth birthday of Linear Blue.

Now, I spend a lot of my time putting websites live for people, it’s a big part of my job, but I’d forgotten how much fun it is when it’s your own. I’ll be honest, most of this blog will come across as a big advert for the new site, I guess in a way it is. But, what I really wanted to touch on was the things you should be doing to push your newly live website. So below are a few very basic but easily forgotten things to do upon launching your new website –

1- Press Release

In every industry there are trade magazines or sites which will often happily let you have a little bit of room to announce your new website – especially if you take the time to write something up.

2 – Blog / Twitter

Social networking is big business – don’t be afraid to use it. I blog every week and try to twitter as often as something pops into my head, so feel free to talk about your business, especially if you have something to say!

3 – Email Newsletter

Some people love them, some hate them, but they are useful. Don’t waste time getting a huge list of email addresses as 99% of those wont care you have a new site. Send it to people who know of you, to people who will spend a couple of minutes reading it – it’s better to send it to 50 people who will be interested than 5000 who wont. It’s best to use a piece of software which allows you to track the success of the email as well.

4 – Get your team involved.

As the boss you obviously love your new site, but are your staff as excited? Give them something to do. Maybe running the news section, or let everyone write a blog. You will see a lot of names on our blog as everyone is encouraged to blog – even blog shy directors!

5 – Don’t stop

A new site a a wonderful thing, but it will become old very quickly if you’re not careful. It is crucial that you keep changing your site. Add new things to keep it fresh and exciting – this not only keeps your users interested, but also keeps the search engines coming back.

Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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