Business networking events – any good?

Just a short one today.

I’ve just come out of a meeting and one of the things which came up was Business networking – more specifically the networking meetings you always see the email ads for. The main point of the conversation was, do they actually work?

This depends entirely on managing your expectations. You wont make sales at these things. So if your going with that in mind, don’t bother. What they will do is show you ways you can improve or add to what you do.

I went to one which was specifically about marketing a little while back. It must be said, it was pretty good. But it’s strength wasn’t in telling me things I didn’t know, but more about confirming things which I thought. They can also motivate you. I left feeling a new level of drive to achieve all the small jobs I had been thinking about for ages – and some of the larger ones.

You do also get to extend your network, which is never a bad thing. But it is not a way to gain leads – most people who attend them are looking to sell, not buy.

So – conclusion time – Yes, they are good – but only if you are clear on why you are going. You wont sell – I can not emphasize that enough (if you do – let me know as you are one of the few!). You will however, take away some new ideas and hopefully a new drive towards achieving your goals.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

In January 2009 Steve Payne joined Linear Blue as the Head of Business Development. Having previously worked as the Managing Director for Berkshire based Insite Design, Steve brings with him his knowledge of web design, consultancy, marketing and SEO to assist Linear Blue in their drive forward into 2009 and beyond.

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