Recurrence in triggered scripts

Recurrence can be really useful. But there are occasions when it is not exactly what you want. For example what happens when you have a script triggered on layout load that goes to another layout then returns? Recursive behaviour is unlikely to be required.

There are a few options to avoid looping ad infinitum. First, and most obvious, is to set a variable to flag the first time the script runs then exit or halt:

Set Variable [$$scriptTrigger; Value:$$scriptTrigger +1]
If [$$scriptTrigger > 1]
Set Variable [$$scriptTrigger; Value:””]
Exit Script [“We exited the script because it is running more than once”]
Go to Layout [“Other Layout” (Table)]
# The script steps we actually want to trigger go here
Go to Layout [original layout]
End If

You can use the Halt Script step in place of Exit Script but it is better to exit with a meaningful value.

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