Twitter you say?

I know what you’re thinking…. He’s done this one…. and it was boring then as well! But fear ye not – while I am going to talk a bit about twitter – while shamelessly plugging my own twitter.… – there is actually a point to this as well.

You see, I’ve been using twitter as part of my marketing campaign at Linear Blue, and, if I’m honest for fun as well. Now I’ve already talked about the SEO side of twitter and how it does and doesn’t help you. But I’m now starting to use it as a marketing tool in the way it is perhaps more suited.

This week we launched a new product for Linear Blue called timeTracker. I wont go into the details but basically it’s a pretty cool little piece of software that allows you to track all your time spent working on projects as well as expenses etc… The main thing which was different about this product was that it was small and cheap. We also wanted people to be able to download it directly from the site.

So, you get the impression that this wasn’t about big sales leads etc… We wanted people to find out about it, try it, then buy it. We also didn’t want to invest in any PPC for this. So we decided to market directly to the community of people who we thought may want to hear about it.

So – I started with twitter. At the moment I don’t have huge amounts of people following me, but I do have some very cool people on the list, Nigel Morgan and Andy Gaunt to name just two! Nigel, who runs Morgan PR, is actually partly to blame for both my presence on Twitter and this blog! Andy Gaunt is very kindly writing a review of timeTracker actually so if you’re at all FileMaker savy check him out.

Anyway, back on track – within minutes of me mentioning it on twitter it was re-tweeted by a couple of people, one being the really cool Idea Flurry! Well worth a look. This lead to a sudden influx of people on the site and had the desired effect of people downloading the demo version and buying the full one. (all tracked in real time using Woopra)

Now obviously we need more than just twitter to sell this, but for the first time since I started twittering I was able to use it in the exact the way a small business should, in order to reach your network directly.

That and talking about lasers……

Simple advice this week, if you’re twittering make sure to mention every time you have something worth shouting about. And if you’re not using twitter, start now!

See you next week!

Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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1 thought on “Twitter you say?”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Another good blog post from yourselves and thrilled to get the blame for someone else exploring the potential of Twitter. We’re racking up quite the hall of fame! Thank you so much for promoting Morgan PR! I would love to meet any of your followers on Twitter!


    Nigel Morgan

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