Why FileMaker? Pt.1

I’ve been working with FileMaker for over 20 years and the question that always arises is ‘Why do you use FileMaker?’ or ‘Is FileMaker the right platform to develop our database on?’.

So I thought I would try and answer that question here. Of course there is no one answer and obviously FileMaker isn’t always the best choice, however it often offers the widest choice of scope when looking to write a small to medium sized database system.

Part 1: Size.

I guess I should clarify what I mean by small to medium sized. We can look at that from two view points, the first is number of users and FileMaker is very comfortable with any system written in FileMaker 10 from one user through to 250 concurrent users. Saying that, depending on the complexity of the system, it can handle up to 999 concurrent users on a single server, with the addition that you can also run different parts of a system across different servers to spread the load.  The next way to look at the size of a system is from a file size point of view.  Whilst the technical limit for a single  FileMaker file is 8 terabytes (Tb), most small FileMaker systems scarcely go over 1 gigabyte (Gb), with large systems rarely exceeding 5 gigabytes.  As you can see these file sizes are well within the design tolerances of  the system.

So from a technical point of view, FileMaker can easily handle most SME systems in regards to size and scope.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering other areas of why FileMaker is a great database development platform for SME systems. So keep tuned for more instalments.

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé is the CEO and founder of Linear Blue, having set up the company in 1999 to focus on intuitive database solutions and web integration. Paul is a FileMaker Certified developer; and has also been a key player in the implementation of the FileMaker Certification program since it's inception with FileMaker 7. A regular guest speaker at FileMaker Business Alliance & Technet meetings in the UK and the FileMaker Developers Conference in the USA, along with contributing to various technical publications around the world.

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