Woopra or Google Analytics?

I’ve just recently had a couple of my sites, the Linear Blue main site and this blog, accepted by Woopra. For those that don’t know it’s basically along the lines of Google Analytics, with one main difference – the added ability to track users in real time.

It’s still in beta at the moment, but there are some pretty cool features on it. My personal favourite being the real time interaction with visitors to your site. You can see where they’re from, their browser / OS and much more. You can also, on some browsers, start a live chat with users on your site. Although I’ve found this a bit unreliable thus far.

It goes into similar depth as the Google package and has a nice GUI, although it is taking some getting used to.

It’s still early days for me and I’m sure my opinions will change as I get to know the package in more detail. But – having used it for a few days my basic impression is that, while the live traffic analysis is good to have, Google just allows for more detail and better report creation. I would imagine Google will add the real time tracking in before Woopra catches Google for the level of detail.

But – I still have a lot to learn about Woopra, and I’m prepared to be proved completely wrong!

I’ll keep you up to date as I learn more – if anyone has any experiences with it, please let me know! steve.payne@linearblue.com

Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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