Why FileMaker? Pt.4

I’ve been working with FileMaker for over 20 years and the question that always arises is ‘Why do you use FileMaker?’ or ‘Is FileMaker the right platform to develop our database on?’.

This is part 3 in a series of blogs where I try and answer that question as best I can. Here are the links to the earlier parts of this thread: Part One ; Part Two ; Part Three.

Part 4: Flexibility.

So we’ve covered what size of database we can handle, how fast it is and how we can talk to other systems, but one of the unique features of FileMaker is its flexibility. Unlike many systems it has the flexibility to change the design and end-user functionality very easily, often on the fly if required, to suit the ever evolving needs of your company. With built in capability for report generation and the flexibility to add new fields and functionality on the fly, FileMaker offers unprecedented levels of customisation within the development environment. Whilst offering flexibility your FileMaker system also needs to be secure and function within a stable working environment. Your FileMaker 10 system can accommodate this by allowing you to design a stable, robust system and then allow access to your core data from a separate FileMaker file for users to create their own reports (I’ll be covering this in more detail in a future blog).

In conclusion, your FileMaker system can offer whatever level of flexibility you need, whether designing your system on the fly or working in a structured coherent development environment.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering other areas of why FileMaker is a great database development platform for SME systems. So keep tuned for more instalments.
Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé is the CEO and founder of Linear Blue, having set up the company in 1999 to focus on intuitive database solutions and web integration. Paul is a FileMaker Certified developer; and has also been a key player in the implementation of the FileMaker Certification program since it's inception with FileMaker 7. A regular guest speaker at FileMaker Business Alliance & Technet meetings in the UK and the FileMaker Developers Conference in the USA, along with contributing to various technical publications around the world.

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