DevCon 2009 Finale

The last day was all about FileMaker ‘Under the Hood’. The morning started with a session on the ESS side of FileMaker and how that integrates with SQL and what exactly is going on when FileMaker talks to an external SQL database. Details of how the keys work between the two systems, what data is loaded and when and how to get the most performance out of your system.

The main event was, what has now become the star of the conference, FileMaker Pro and Server Under the Hood. This session is invaluable to anyone who works with FileMaker on a full time basis and is almost worth the cost of the conference alone. It is generally hosted by one or more of the FileMaker engineers, these are the guys who actually write FileMaker, and it’s great to be able to hear them tell us exactly how FileMaker is working behind the scenes and how to get the most out of the engine. This session covers so many areas it’s difficult to list them all, but some of the key areas where how FileMaker handles caching, FileMaker performance in a WAN environment and how the calculation engine work and handles your data. The key thing you walk away with from this session is a deeper understanding of the product, why it does what it does with your data and how to work with the engine to get the most out of your system.

So another DevCon is over, it’s been a really great conference this year and obviously the first one FileMaker have run directly, but I think most people there would agree that it was a hit. The only niggle would be the hotel its self, it didn’t lend itself to being conducive to a networking environment, everything was too far apart. That aside the sessions were excellent, the socialising was fantastic and FileMaker really delivered in a tough climate. Most importantly of all, as always with the conference, it was about the people and it was great to see some old faces and meet some new ones.

Here’s to DevCon 2010 and I look forward to seeing everyone again.

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé is the CEO and founder of Linear Blue, having set up the company in 1999 to focus on intuitive database solutions and web integration. Paul is a FileMaker Certified developer; and has also been a key player in the implementation of the FileMaker Certification program since it's inception with FileMaker 7. A regular guest speaker at FileMaker Business Alliance & Technet meetings in the UK and the FileMaker Developers Conference in the USA, along with contributing to various technical publications around the world.

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