Yet another new person!

As the latest person to join Linear Blue I should probably introduce myself to everyone and make a start on my first blog entry here.

I’ve been working with FileMaker for rather longer than I’d care to think about, having first encountered it way back in version 3 when I used to consult on client-server financial systems. Since then I’ve been implementing FileMaker systems in a wide range of industries ranging from education to investment banking and covering just about everything in between. I’ve worked on both custom solutions and products in use by thousands of users. Although FileMaker is where I spend most of my time, I’ve also used a broad range of other technologies as well. I won’t bore you with the complete list but I’ve delivered solutions using Visual Basic, Ruby on Rails, REALBasic, MySQL, and SQL Server to name a few.

I’m excited about the move to Linear Blue and working with a development team that’s one of the best in the industry. I’ve taken up the new position of Development Manager, so I’m going to be responsible for ensuring that our clients get the absolute best system we can give them. We’ve already been discussing some exciting ideas that will help us deliver solutions even better. I’m looking forward to the next year, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!


Simon Ward

Simon has been developing FileMaker databases since the late 90s and joined Linear Blue in 2006. Over this time he has developed database systems for clients in many different industries from Order Processing to Book Publishing. Simon’s BSc in Chemistry from Thames Valley University comes to the fore in his analytical skills and he is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 12.

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