11 Marketing Tips

I’ve been thinking about marketing this week and have put together a few little tips which can help get you started! Hope they help.

  1. Target your market! Understanding your audience’s needs is vital to meet those needs successfully. Effective market segmentation is also essential for a successful marketing campaign.
  2. SWOT Analysis. An evaluation of your current business performance is useful to determine where to go next. This analysis will highlight possible opportunities, threats and competitor activities, which are very important to know before running a marketing campaign.
  3. Test. Always test ideas before running the campaign. A split test allows you to test two versions of something. Multiple forms of testing in each marketing channel should also be considered. Mailtracker is a clever piece of software for measuring email marketing performance. This innovative product offers full email tracking to ensure you know who has exactly opened it, clicked on the links and much more.
  4. Integrated marketing. Use multiple media sources to meet your marketing goals. Social media platforms are the new marketing channel to reach your audience directly. I would recommend twitter and a blog, that way you can shout about your marketing campaigns and drive traffic back to your website.
  5. Update your website! This is an obvious one to me, but so many businesses have old, unimpressive websites that drive potential customers away. Also, If you don’t update your websites content every 8 months Google has deemed it out of date, and it will not rank well. Our specialist web design team can create anything from a basic website through to a complex web based system.
  6. After sale customer service! This one so many companies get wrong! And we all know the importance of word of mouth. Look after your existing clients as well as your prospects, people talk and business reputation is everything in this competitive market.
  7. SEO. Google recently announced that it has indexed over 1 trillion unique URLs, making it harder for your potential customers to find you. By engaging in professional search engine marketing and optimisation you can increase the chances of potential clients finding you.
  8. Marketing offer. This can be a great driving force for marketing campaigns! There are many offers to consider from discounts through to extended warranty.
  9. Referral incentive. This is a powerful tip that works better than any advertising medium. People take more notice of a friends recommendation than an advert, so get a referral scheme in place!
  10. Public Relations. Networking, talks and awards are great forms of shouting about your company. PR is an important part of marketing and is cost effective. Shout about your companies success and get it published. Alternatively, you can upload your articles to free online PR sites.
  11. Strategic Alliance – Work with foreign partners to share and exchange knowledge! Alliances are a way of reaping the rewards of team effort!


Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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