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The NHS are still in the limelight with their controversial database system. The main problem is the confidentiality issue with patient’s personal information being stored on a database.

In my opinion, The NHS will have a more robust system with full electronic health records (EHRs). Patients will experience a more efficient service, waiting times will be reduced and a overall happier experience will be offered by staff to patients. I think it’s important for staff to be able to access patient’s full history, in particular the elderly or disabled who may not be able to communicate this effectively. It is understandable why people are concerned over the security of their personal information, but without EHRs patients that are going to hospitals and doctors outside of their local area will not receive an adequate service, as the acting doctor will not have access to their history file.

The £12.7bn NHS National Programme for IT seems excessive to many writers, but the NHS will eventually receive a healthy return on investment. I recently read a very interesting report by David Collins, Director of Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, where he documented the success of the US, implementing EHRs.

Table 1: A snapshot of return on investment from IT healthcare


“Many organisations are reaping huge benefits from implementing digital record – keeping systems”

David Collins – Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Healthcare Information technology systems are becoming recognised for the significant financial incentives and improvements to efficiency they offer. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society argues the value of healthcare IT systems far outweighs the consequences – “In fact, health IT will be a key contributor to an enhanced healthcare delivery system by improving patient outcomes, workflow efficiencies and financial sustainability. ”

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