How to launch a new website!

Launching a new website can seem like a daunting task. So, in this blog I will share some tips and tricks with you about how to successfully launch a website, based on our recent website launch – Cortela.

1. Pre-Launch

Hype should be built up before the launch of your website. You could build this hype by stating the launch date in a newsletter, press release, blog, social media site, or on your old website. But if your website is unfinished you should delay the launch day, instead of risking damage to your reputation with a half built or half rushed website.

You should write several pillar articles and blog posts and upload these to your website. This strategy is very effective and can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site! If you can create remarkable content, you will gain loyal visitors who will help build your brand image.

A marketing strategy should be drawn up to cover all aspects of launching a new website. This ought to include –

  • Viral content: write 10- 20 articles and blogs ready to market during launch week. (Each article/blog should have a specific marketing strategy).
  • List of websites: Identify websites that you would like to be featured on. ( Industry news sites, business partners, directories, blogs, social networks, press release sites, bookmarking sites).
  • Social Media: Social media sites are a great way of shouting about your launch. We use Twitter for Linear Blue and Cortela, and have found this is a great way of driving large amounts of traffic to our websites.
  • SEO /PPC: Search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns are effective methods to gain instant and sustainable traffic!

2. Deployment Day

So, the site is now live! What next? You need visitors! And visitors need to know your new website exists. This can be the tricky bit for many organisations. But if you execute your marketing strategy well and be patient, you will gain a nice amount of traffic.

The objective is to drive a huge amount of traffic to your new website. The way to do this is simply by getting links from popular news sites, blogs, press release sites or social media sites. Getting as many links, visitors and subscribers should be your main goals. Links are very important to gain visitors and these will help your search engine rankings enormously.

3. Post launch

You should monitor your new websites performance using a service like Google Analytics or Woopra. Both provide reports that will tell you if your marketing strategy has been a success. The indicator being the amount of visitors and natural backlinks your site has received. This will tell you where your core target market is coming from, and you can then try to increase the traffic from those sites.

In the post launch phase, I think the most important aims are –

  • Feedback – ask for feedback and implement it to improve your site.
  • Analyse the statistics – paying particular attention to Google Alerts.
  • Google Index –  Check which pages are being spidered and indexed and fix any 404 errors or broken links.
  • Get involved with comments on your blog and industry blogs.

Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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