Top 5 iPad Apps!

iPad apps just keep growing by the day! So, I thought I would write a blog on the top 5 iPad apps!

1. FileMaker GO

FileMaker Go App

As one of the UK’s leading FileMaker development teams, obviously our favourite iPad app is the new FileMaker GO. With FileMaker Go you can access your FileMaker Pro information wherever you are on your iPad or iPhone.

Making business life that bit easier when out of the office or on the road, you can still view, update and search your database solutions.  The picture looks stunning on the large iPad display screen, and no modification is necessary for the majority of solutions. It will run .fp7 databases without any modification, layouts will look the same and portals, tabs and web viewers will all work.

FileMaker Go also offers many different ways to connect to your data. You can open databases hosted directly on FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro over wireless or 3G. You can also copy files back and forth using iTunes or email database files out to mobile users.

2. Air Video

Air Video App

The iPad’s high quality display and large screen makes it a great media player. iTunes can also be used to transfer movie and music files to your iPad but can be time consuming and annoying.

Air Video offers a simple solution to stream content from your Mac or PC to your iPad. Just install the free Air Video server client on your PC, select the files to watch and then download the app. Then select your computer and content to watch in great quality on the iPad! Air Video does an excellent job of “live conversion,” meaning your video is converted as it plays, making streaming perfect!

3. The Guardian Eyewitness


The Guardian have launched their own app that showcases its stunning photography. Personally, I love this app visually and the stories that accompany the art.

The Guardian’s aim is to provide a photographic feast, showcasing the world’s most distinctive photos by their award-winning photographic team. The Guardian’s head of photography, Roger Tooth said – “We want to hold your attention for more than two seconds … we want you to appreciate the work that the photographer has put into the image,” he says. “We’ve been waiting for a chance to replicate the scale and impact of the newspaper’s Eyewitness spread series on the web – and I think this is it.”

4. Epicurious

The Epicurious app is great if you’re bad at cooking like me or if you just need to find new recipes. There are hundreds of thousands of recipes and ideas accompained with great pictures.

Not forgetting the endless cocktail recipes available, making cocktail nights with the girls much more fun!

5. Kindle for iPad

Kindle iPad App

Amazon has the lead over Apple with its iBooks application. Kindle for the iPad has by far the best content and is a great e-reader app, which makes browsing through books easy and enjoyable. It seamlessly launches the web-based book store to make purchasing easy.

Kindle also holds the competitive edge with price, but Apple wins hands down with presentation. It will be interesting to see which one dominates the market.

Rita ONeill

Rita joined LinearBlue in October 2009 as Marketing and Project Assistant shortly after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School with a bachelors degree in International Business. Her involvement in both marketing and project management challenges her to develop her skills further and grow within the company. As our current Employee of the Year (April 2011) Rita is looking forward to developing her knowledge further whilst providing excellent project management and client service.

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