How to calculate your city!!

Shopping has changed, and people are hanging out increasingly online. Inbound marketing is now much more effective than outbound marketing to reach your customers. In particular, Google, the social mediasphere and the blogosphere are where people are. If you’re working in a business and trying to reach your potential and existing customers, then you need to be where they are!

You have all heard of the following social mediasphere sites, but I thought I would list the ones I found to be the most effective.

Social Media Sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

Social News Sites – Digg, Reddit

Social Bookmarking/Discovery Sites – Delicious, StumbleUpon

Firstly, it’s very useful to calculate your reach. This number will be the size of your ‘city’. Just think you want to move from Manchester to London.

To calculate your city, simply add up the following numbers:

  1. Total number of subscribers to your RSS feed on your blog
  2. Total number of subscribers to your newsletter (email list)
  3. Total number of followers on social media sites
  4. Total number of followers on Social News Sites &  Social Bookmarking/Discovery Sites
  5. Total number of Inbound links to your website
  6. Total number of SEO/Organic keywords that drive traffic to your website
  7. Total= Your city!! (Your reach)

If you have a WordPress blog, like us, it doesn’t provide any subscriber information. So, to find out the total number of subscribers to your WordPress blog, use FeedBurner, a useful website that will quickly and easily produce this information.

I’m sure you’re already aware that Google Analytics or Woopra will provide SEO/Organic keyword information.

To find out your total inbound links, you can use Website Grader, BlogGrader or Alexa. All provide very detailed useful information on many areas of your website performance, and it’s free! Your website will be ranked and will receive a grade. It also reports on the number of google indexed pages, MOZ (SEO) rank, inbound links, Twitter Grade & rank and Delicious bookmarks. You can also run direct comparisons with your rivals, to find out if you or they have the biggest city and therefore the competitive advantage!

Knowing your city size and rankings is a great way to kick start your marketing campaign, and then you can focus on how to grow your city from Manchester to London.

Rita ONeill

Rita joined LinearBlue in October 2009 as Marketing and Project Assistant shortly after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School with a bachelors degree in International Business. Her involvement in both marketing and project management challenges her to develop her skills further and grow within the company. As our current Employee of the Year (April 2011) Rita is looking forward to developing her knowledge further whilst providing excellent project management and client service.

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