The characteristics of a leading brand.

The Futures Company have recently undertook a study looking at the characteristics of a leading brand.

The new study polled 1,010 people  online – who ranked 18 characteristics of a leading brand.

A leading brand is one that everybody likes and trusts, according to the new study. High quality products and customer service were the next favourable characteristics.

The results are as follows:

Top 10 Characteristics of being a Leading Brand

  1. Is a brand everyone likes and trusts: 66%
  2. If offers the highest quality products: 66%
  3. It has superb customer service: 66%
  4. It is number one in customer satisfaction: 65%
  5. It always puts right its mistakes: 64%
  6. It anticipates the future better than its competitors: 61%
  7. It is the brand that competitors try to copy: 61%
  8. It is the most responsive to changing consumer needs: 60%
  9. It is the number one seller: 55%
  10. It sets the trends in its category: 53%

Top 10 Characteristics of Leaders

  1. Being a good communicator: 74%
  2. Being willing to take responsibility for good and bad decisions: 74%
  3. Identifying the most important actions needed by the business: 71%
  4. Having a firm grasp of the facts: 69%
  5. Being effective at organising people: 69%
  6. Focusing on what is best for the business: 66%
  7. Being able to evaluate a situation quickly and make a decision: 66%
  8. Being undeterred by setbacks: 62%
  9. Having a clear vision of what the future will look like: 61%
  10. Focusing on opportunities rather than problems: 53%

What do you think a leading brand is?

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