Sub-summarys within portals pt II

Welcome to Pt II of the sub-summary portal tricks post. As it continues straight from the first post it may be worth skimming through that post.

Summarising the data

The user is asked, when they create a new line, if they want to create a line item, a sub summary or a grand total. The type is important as it controls the conditional formatting.

Grand totals are easy enough to work out using a self join on the parent key. In this case _kf_quote.

Sub totals are a little more problematic. The solution is to use a range based on the sort field we are currently in back to the last sub summary.

The calc used to find the sort value of the previous sub summary (or 0 if there are no previous sub summarys) is shown below. The crux of the calc is to list all keys of sub summary records in sort order. By finding the position of the previous key then using that to get the sort value we can then find the starting range of records.

The sub summary is therefore the sum of records across the join using range criteria.

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