Just a quick post from me today, to recommend jsFiddle. It’s an online service that allows you to quickly try out Javascript ideas and share them with other developers. The mileage you will get out of this for development I (would imagine) is small – but as a learning and sharing resource its fantastic!

jsFiddle works with all the major Javascript frameworks (which you can pick to include or not) and has various options for Ajax testing and including additional resources.

At the very least its certainly a great way to include Javascript in your blog / site! The embedded frame here allows the user to see the different bits of code (HTML, CSS and JS) and also the result of how everything works together (slight side note, this reminds me of the way Dojo displays examples but I dont know if one is based on the other or they are entirely separate – apologies to either party for any misrepresentation!)

To see stuff working just go to “Result” and then click on links – clicking the actual alert will dismiss it.

Disclaimer: The code above is just to a quick test / mind dump I was doing to try out jsFiddle – it obviously needs refactoring into an actual useable form (maybe as a jQuery / UI plugin) – if people are interested in that then please let me know and I’ll maybe have a look into this more.

Rob Basden

Rob founded a web design company company which was acquired by Linear Blue in 2009 in order to bring web development to bring professional web development services in-house. After graduating from Warwick University with a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Rob entered the world of web development. He began by supporting a development team then moved on to running his own team as development director. His skills include extensive knowledge of PHP / HTML / Javascript / CSS / Ajax methodologies and Flash / Actionscript.

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