CSS Shaders

I think of all the things I love about being a web developer – its the constant development and evolution of the technologies available to me as a developer. Just this week we have the following (proposal only at the moment) from Adobe – CSS Shaders.

Will this help me to streamline my clients interface? No.
Will this make my clients systems more productive. Again, no.
Will this increase productivity / reduce development time. Thrice no.
Do I want it? HELL YES.

Obviously I am writing from the point of view of someone whose projects mainly focus on providing an efficient mechanism for data entry / manipulation.

Im definitely looking forward to giving this a run out when it becomes available, in the meantime I would recommend taking a look at the current WebGL implementation available (Chrome / Firefox at the moment I believe) which you can also use to develop custom shaders – so a good way to try things and stay up to date. In addition to that I have found Three JS extremely useful in abstracting away the headaches involved with WebGL development, although there are many other alternatives out there.


Rob Basden

Rob founded a web design company company which was acquired by Linear Blue in 2009 in order to bring web development to bring professional web development services in-house. After graduating from Warwick University with a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Rob entered the world of web development. He began by supporting a development team then moved on to running his own team as development director. His skills include extensive knowledge of PHP / HTML / Javascript / CSS / Ajax methodologies and Flash / Actionscript.

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