What do all the good FileMaker girls and boys want for Christmas?

Tiz the season to be jolly and all that. So What is on the good Filemaker developers wish list?

  1. Layout Includes. The ability to embed one layout within another. I don’t swallow the technically too difficult line because multiple windows works
  2. Rename triggers as events and then add ‘proper’ database triggers. Triggers in the classical database sense would allow maintenance of data across the database from one point rather than in the UI
  3. Access to the SQL engine without resorting to plugins
  4. Import into the current table. For example when duplicating a bunch of records it might be easier to simply import them into the current table
  5. Arrays. Key/Value pairs rather than the repeating option within variables
  6. The ability to create a ‘distinct’ list. Similar to the current list function but with the added benefit of ignoring duplicates
  7. New server admin console. That doesn’t spit the dummy when Java version changes
  8. Thin client. You always have to put thin client in these lists 🙂
  9. PHP API not reliant on layouts and fields on layouts. And the ability to pass parameters to FileMaker scripts and returning .
  10. Database partitioning. Similar to MySQL partitioning, allowing the ability to add complete or partitioned tables to the relationship graph
  11. Two levels of coding. Keep the scripting engine for simpler tasks but add a more complete environment. Could be JavaScript or even a Python based
That lot would considerably reduce my daily headaches and would add some pretty powerful USPs to what is probably the best RAD development environment out there.

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