FileMaker Go for iPad in 3 Minutes

We can deliver solutions either as a desktop, web or mobile application, according to your business needs. Recently, technology industry news has been dominated  by the arrival of the tablet and its growing role in helping businesses reach new levels of productivity and success. We can help you utilise the new and powerful FileMaker Go on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, so you can gain real time access to your data on the fly to increase efficiency and gain a significant competitive advantage in your industry. While gaining an attractive return on investment against low product and development costs.


Rita ONeill

Rita joined LinearBlue in October 2009 as Marketing and Project Assistant shortly after graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University Business School with a bachelors degree in International Business. Her involvement in both marketing and project management challenges her to develop her skills further and grow within the company. As our current Employee of the Year (April 2011) Rita is looking forward to developing her knowledge further whilst providing excellent project management and client service.

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      We try to add new blog posts as often as we can and on a variety of topics including FileMaker Go. We’re glad you’re enjoying reading our blog and hope you will keep an eye on us for updates in the future.

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