Jason Erickson joins Linear Blue

Linear Blue are proud to announce the merger of the SyncDeK & fmDataGuard product suite to our expanding product range. 
As of April 1, Linear Blue welcomes the WorldSync product suite and its former CEO to join our excellent development team.
As one of the foremost Platinum members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, we are proud to welcome Jason Erickson, as our new CTO, alongside COO Darren Kayes and CEO Paul de Hallé, who has over 25 years experience in the FileMaker community.
About SyncDeK 
SyncDeK is a patented distributed Java-based data management service that interacts with nearly any database server in order to provide a configurable menu of enhanced data services, including: field-level change/audit logging; data roll-back and roll-forward restoration; data integration with various SQL data sources; and multi-master n-dimensional data synchronization services for unlimited servers and/or mobile laptops and other devices.
SyncDeK 8 is compatible with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server Advanced 10, 11, and 12, Ms SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase and PostgreSQL on Mac OS 10.4 or greater and on Windows XP or greater. SyncDeK 8 modules include: SyncDeK Single-user Engine, SyncDeK Network Engine, SyncDeK SQL Engine, SyncDeK Server, SyncDeK Developer and soon, SyncDeK2Go.
About fmDataGuard 
fmDataGuard is a product for FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server that is easy to use and easy to configure and maintains a complete audit log for all additions, changes, and deletions in any FileMaker Pro table. It also provides the ability to roll-back any single field edit, single record or multiple records to any state in those records’ history.
It additionally provides the ability to roll-forward any record or group of records to reconcile the last known good backup with the current state of the database since that backup. In other words, It updates the backup.
Coming Soon
As part of our comitment to the SyncDeK product suite, we are activiley working on a new product in the form of SyncDek2Go for FileMaker Go synchronisation, for more details see below.
SyncDeK2Go offers the power of SyncDeK for FileMaker Go solutions, enabling synchronization with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Server, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

At the FileMaker DevCon 2013 in San Diego this August, we will have a booth in the product showcase.  Visit us and meet the team or check out our vendor session which will highlight the new SyncDeK2Go.

Darren Kayes

Darren is Linear Blue's Chief Operations Officer, ensuring the smooth running of the company and making sure nothing gets in the way of our developers creating top-notch web and database solutions for our clients.

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