FileMaker Go Development: All I want for Christmas …..

Having developed some solutions for iOS devices over recent months in FileMaker 12 I thought I’d reflect on the recent enhancements provided by the release of FileMaker 13. Clearly FileMaker have put considerable emphasis on the ability to quickly deploy efficient solutions that behave as though they were an integral component of either iPad or iPhone. This is a welcome development, as FileMaker Go provides the development community with a unique advantage over alternatives when delivering data management solutions in the field.

With the recent release FileMaker, they have packaged 5 presents that can sit under the tree and be used by us all as we look forward to iOS projects for 2014:

Redesigned Layout / Report Assistant

Working with predefined screen dimensions, views and themes will allow for a quick, efficient and consistent design process.


The introduction of Popovers is likely to be a game changer in all future development projects and not least when working on FileMaker Go projects. Data capture and management should be streamlined with the use of this powerful tool that can group fields, links and other information without deploying layout changes or windows.

Slide Control

Making FileMaker Go solutions behave as well as look like integral iOS functions would be high on my Christmas list and the addition of mutli-panel slide control is certainly a step in the right direction.

New iOS Keyboards

The ability to select a keyboard type to match to your data input requirement is another streamlined function that is very much welcomed. These include URL, number, email and phone.

Bar Code Scanner

iPad and iPhone bar code scanning is now available without the use of a plug-in which is another nice touch provided by FileMaker and opens up many possible benefits to end users.

So in respect to FileMaker Go development we can find a nice set of new tools under the tree to work with in the new year.

Simon Ward

Simon has been developing FileMaker databases since the late 90s and joined Linear Blue in 2006. Over this time he has developed database systems for clients in many different industries from Order Processing to Book Publishing. Simon’s BSc in Chemistry from Thames Valley University comes to the fore in his analytical skills and he is certified in FileMaker versions 7 through 12.

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