30 years of Apple Macintosh

Original_Apple_LogoHere’s to 30 years of the Macintosh platform. Having started my journey into programming and computers back in the days of DOS and command prompts, I quickly fell in love with the beauty of the design, simplicity and power that the Macintosh gave to the user.

30 years on and I still love working on a Mac and of course iOS as well (I’m typing this on my iPad).

So here’s to all the people, who over the last 30 years have made Macintosh what it is today, to the memory of Steve Jobs and to the crazy ones who think they can change the world for the better.

Happy Birthday Mac 🙂

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé

Paul de Hallé is the CEO and founder of Linear Blue, having set up the company in 1999 to focus on intuitive database solutions and web integration. Paul is a FileMaker Certified developer; and has also been a key player in the implementation of the FileMaker Certification program since it's inception with FileMaker 7. A regular guest speaker at FileMaker Business Alliance & Technet meetings in the UK and the FileMaker Developers Conference in the USA, along with contributing to various technical publications around the world.

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