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Rob founded a web design company company which was acquired by Linear Blue in 2009 in order to bring web development to bring professional web development services in-house. After graduating from Warwick University with a bachelors degree in Computer Systems Engineering, Rob entered the world of web development. He began by supporting a development team then moved on to running his own team as development director. His skills include extensive knowledge of PHP / HTML / Javascript / CSS / Ajax methodologies and Flash / Actionscript.

CSS Shaders

Filter Effects applied to SVG content, from the website.

I think of all the things I love about being a web developer – its the constant development and evolution of the technologies available to me as a developer. Just this week we have the following (proposal only at the moment) from Adobe – CSS Shaders.


Just a quick post from me today, to recommend jsFiddle. It’s an online service that allows you to quickly try out Javascript ideas and share them with other developers. The mileage you will get out of this for development I (would imagine) is small – but as a learning and sharing resource its fantastic!

Thinking about Javascript

The more I use jQuery the more I realise that I really should have checked out the source code a while back – rather than just viewing the framework as some kind of magical black box of Javascript wonder (not that jQuery isn’t full of wonder of course!). Thinking about how jQuery (and Javascript) works…

Google Maps – Multiple Custom Markers

Recently I have been building a system that required some interaction with Google Maps in terms of creating multiple custom markers to a map. There are many different approaches to solving this problem but I thought I would share my particular twist on this in this post.

Synchronizing large data sets between FileMaker and MySQL

Recently we have been working on a system that requires a large amount of data to be synchronized to MySQL (for driving a web interface) from FileMaker. After a few initial tests of methods for achieving this we found that the speed of the transfer was un-acceptable due to the large amount of data being…

Creating dynamic PDFs using PHP and FPDF

The first thing you will want to do is download the FPDF class files from – this site is also an excellent resource for the FPDF class, if you get stuck then a look through the manual or frequently asked questions will help out no end.

SQL Joins

When writing a PHP based site – developers often also have to integrate with a database (otherwise the site tends not to be very exciting!) and a popular technology for this is a flavour of SQL. Rather than go through the basics of database queries using SQL (which if enough people ask me for –…

The Web Techy Posts Start Here

Rob Basden Joins Linear Chat Over the course of time we will all be posting about our particular areas of expertise – with mine being anything that falls under the category of “web technologies” (although there may be a few diversions in there at some points). So keep an eye out for some posts about…