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A day in the life of an IT Apprentice at Linear Blue

We caught up with Santtu Rantala; our Apprentice IT & FileMaker Developer to discuss a day in the life working as an Apprentice at Linear Blue – 

Game Changers

The phrase game changer is one of those phrases that can potentially be good or bad depending on the connotation given to it. To this effect I want to talk about both. The good I want to talk about are things that we take for granted like large steps up in the industry, or potentially amazing feats…

Everything on the Go

Over the last decade we’ve seen a huge amount of change in the way we use IT. This is everything from what we’re using mobile phones for to the games we play and everything in between. I did a presentation for a company a little over a year and a half ago which talked about…

Are we there yet?

I decided to take a break from my story having started at Linear Blue around 6 months ago, as everything is settling down and becoming easier for me. Instead I’d like to talk about where we might be going in the future in terms of the technology we use day to day.

30 years of Apple Macintosh


Here’s to 30 years of the Macintosh platform. Having started my journey into programming and computers back in the days of DOS and command prompts, I quickly fell in love with the beauty of the design, simplicity and power that the Macintosh gave to the user.

Jason Erickson joins Linear Blue

Linear Blue are proud to announce the merger of the SyncDeK & fmDataGuard product suite to our expanding product range. 

To celebrate our 12th Birthday, we’ve launched our new brand and website..


We’ve just taken the covers off a completely redesigned website of our own. The new Linear Blue site is based on a design by prestigious branding and design company, CaB Studios.

Are FileMaker plug-ins dead?

The release of FileMaker Go has added a new variable to the equation we use when considering whether to use a FileMaker plug-in. We are experiencing a big shift to mobile solutions. Within less than a year ignoring the iOS platform became an unforgivable mistake for every FileMaker developer.

FileMaker Technical Network

The FileMaker Technical Network is now free for FileMaker developers, designers and users to share their knowledge and skills amongst one another.

What do all the good FileMaker girls and boys want for Christmas?

Tiz the season to be jolly and all that. So What is on the good Filemaker developers wish list?