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Old ways vs New ways

As developers one of the hardest things for us year on year is pushing the limits of what we write and can feasibly do as developers. This leads us to get stuck in habits, whether that is code related in terms of syntax, structure related or interface. We like to do the same things repetitively…

Standards! Standards! Read All About It!

With FileMaker being such a versatile and quick development application it is often too easy to develop a functional solution with little regard for its legacy and, in particular, how the solution is to be supported, maintained and developed in the future.



FileMaker zealot and all round good guy Egbert Friedrich is putting together the next European FileMaker Unconference, having previously run the successful Berlin PauseOnError in the past.

WebDirect: Early Days for the IWP replacement …

The introduction of WebDirect at the expense of Instant Web Publishing has added a much enhanced toolset to the developers armoury. There are considerable improvements in function that can avoid the clunky, compromising and design limited results of an IWP solution. WebDirect offers the following specific feature improvements that are now supported where they were…

Everything on the Go

Over the last decade we’ve seen a huge amount of change in the way we use IT. This is everything from what we’re using mobile phones for to the games we play and everything in between. I did a presentation for a company a little over a year and a half ago which talked about…

Boost your Libraries

For those waiting to see what happens to the Node.js controlled Lego car, right now it is stuck in the pit lane waiting parts. I can say though that I have had fun linking up the motors and testing with my iPhone just a little teaser there.

FileMaker – Instant Web Publishing [IWP] … R.I.P.

I’m sure we can think of some examples of where the deployment of Instant Web Publishing [IWP] for a solution has been successful and served to meet purpose for the end user. There are many examples, however, where IWP has been considered but the limitations proved too much of a stretch to be incorporated into…

Reporting gotchas in FM 12 & 13

FileMaker 13 has been with us for a few weeks now and with it comes a new set of gotchas. I thought I would share a couple of things to watch out for when producing printed (pdf) reports (one of which was introduced in 12).

I have some idea what I’m doing!

Welcome back, in Part 1 I started talking about what it’s been like for me to start learning FileMaker. Today I talk about about what my impressions are having had some experience, what the future might hold, and what I’m expecting to find along the way.

FileMaker Go Development: All I want for Christmas …..

Having developed some solutions for iOS devices over recent months in FileMaker 12 I thought I’d reflect on the recent enhancements provided by the release of FileMaker 13. Clearly FileMaker have put considerable emphasis on the ability to quickly deploy efficient solutions that behave as though they were an integral component of either iPad or…