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Top Hits of FM 15

Here’s a little update from my previous blog “Let’s Get Certified”… I passed! Now I am proudly a part of the certified developers of FileMaker.  Having achieved both version 13 and 14 certification it is now time to get ready for…. version 15!

Creating Stand-alone Apps with FileMaker


  Webinar with Linear Blue CEO Paul de Hallé Wednesday 18th May at 16:30 BST / 08:30 PDT

FileMaker Pro Interface design

Over the time I’ve been a developer with Linear Blue I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of different styles of design. Some good, some bad, some very ugly. The trend in FileMaker Pro interfaces has vastly changed over the years, moving from multicoloured and uncoordinated patchwork layouts to fairly sophisticated and simple layout design….

A day in the life of an IT Apprentice at Linear Blue

We caught up with Santtu Rantala; our Apprentice IT & FileMaker Developer to discuss a day in the life working as an Apprentice at Linear Blue – 

Lets Get Certified!

Lets Get Certified!!!….Ummm but how? It’s that time of the year… a new version has been released, DevCon is right around the corner and hey the weather has been pretty amazing!  What does that really mean?  It’s now time to buckle down and get certified…

FileMaker 13 and Apache

With FileMaker 13’s update comes an unexpected twist for some with regard to web publishing and Apache. For most installations this will be quite straight forward, deploying the web publishing engine and connecting from a remote location. With the Web publishing and web site on separate machines this would be recommended, however saying you are…

FileMaker 14 for the user…

FileMaker 14 has been out for a few weeks now and there are lots of discussions going on about all the new developer tools, but what does the new version of FileMaker offer the end user?

Extending Yii Web User Functionality

Over the past couple of months, we have started using Yii on a number of projects. It’s a great foundation for almost any project, allowing for easy extensibility, it is generally a well thought out MVC framework that has been quick to pickup.

Old ways vs New ways

As developers one of the hardest things for us year on year is pushing the limits of what we write and can feasibly do as developers. This leads us to get stuck in habits, whether that is code related in terms of syntax, structure related or interface. We like to do the same things repetitively…

Standards! Standards! Read All About It!

With FileMaker being such a versatile and quick development application it is often too easy to develop a functional solution with little regard for its legacy and, in particular, how the solution is to be supported, maintained and developed in the future.